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At Roamlike you’ll find everything that is important for the furnishing and operation of your holiday accommodation at the best price – from the couch to the coffee machine.
Get discounted products and equipment now and improve the stay for your travel guests.

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Hospitality gifts & Upgrades.
Heavily discounted or even for free.

Roamlike puts together a selection of branded products tailored to your vacation rental.

How does it work?


Save money when setting up your apartment

Secure yourself quality interior design and amenities that enhance your accommodation with Roamlike. Create a cozy atmosphere in which your guests and you feel good.

Examples of brand partners:

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Plaze & Hetti Berlin – Überzeugen mit Eleganz
Roamlike Airbnb Gast erlebt Produkte in nativer Umgebung

Offer snacks and drinks to your guests free of charge

Thanks to Roamlike, you can provide your guests free drinks or snacks, snacks and other trifles to make you feel at home.

Examples of brand partners:

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Guest management made easy

Welcome your guests with a personalized message or a video through the Roamlike Welcome Book.

Ask important information such as the exact time of arrival or identity documents before your guests arrive.

During your stay, your guests will find useful information about the apartment, the surrounding area or recommendations for cafés, restaurants and events in the Roamlike Welcome Book.

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Ludger Herget, Gastgeber einer Ferienwohnung

Superhost Ludger offers his guests a better travel experience with the help of Roamlike

Roamlike supports Ludger in hosting and has already integrated furniture, beds, bathroom items, snacks and drinks into the Airbnb apartment of the Berlin Superhost.

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Discover which products are suitable for your accommodation

After you have registered, you will see on your personal dashboard all the products that suit your home. There you can get coupon codes for free ordering or upload your receipts to get money back.

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Some brands offer you coupon codes that allow you to shop for free or for free in your own online shop. Other brands use Cashback, which means they’ll refund you the money once you’ve submitted the bill.

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