The most honest advertising in the world.

We have come a long way in a short time. From the manual equipping of the first single apartments with biscuits to the equipping of many holiday apartments in Germany. We look forward to establishing the world’s most honest advertising anywhere in the world: experiences.

Everything started in your own apartment

The idea for Roamlike arose from their own apartment listing: to give products the perfect space for experiences and to benefit as a host of money savings.

During his studies, Jens had to earn something and advertised his apartment online. But the effort was greater than initially thought, because guests are demanding when it comes to accommodation on vacation.

Jens made his guests great stays in his apartment. He collected many positive reviews from his guests and quickly became a super host. But the financial expenses were enormous: bedding, decoration and trinkets like shampoo and snacks were expensive. 

In the furniture store he then asked himself the question: “Why do I actually pay for all these things myself, because I advertise by placing the products in my apartment and making them available to my guests.” As a marketing student, he quickly realized that this advertising effect is much more pleasant and convincing than previous advertising on TV or online.

That was the birth of Roamlike. With the founders’ vision of bringing the world’s most honest advertising to market, Roamlike has become the highly innovative solution it is today.

Roamlike Teamfoto
Roamlike Teamfoto
Roamlike Teamfoto

Convincing customers convince customers

Everyone knows that advertising is often annoying, uninteresting or you even have no time for interesting product offers. We believe that advertising does not have to be bad.

With real experiences in natural surroundings, we offer people the opportunity to try out products and to be convinced . Convincing customers convince customers.

The Roamlike Team

Four heads – one vision: honest advertising experiences worldwide.

Roamlike – Jens Büschgens

Jens Büschgens

Sales & Marketing

Roamlike – Tim Kohlen

Tim Kohlen

Product Management

Roamlike – Martin Korus

Martin Korus

Strategy & Operations

Roamlike – Hendrik Schubert

Hendrik Schubert

Finance & Analytics

Visit us

Roamlike is located in the most beautiful district of Cologne: The Belgian Quarter. Here we live and work. Come over for a coffee!

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