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Roamlike benefits from experienced growth on the Advisory Board

Roamlike Köln

Roamlike benefits from experienced growth on the Advisory Board

Next to Stefan Strauss , Roamlike will now be supported by five other members on the Advisory Board. Thus, the advisory board consists of six personalities who support the founders with their valuable expertise and experience in various industries.

Exchanging with experienced industry experts helps Roamlike minimize the risks of making wrong decisions, make strategic decisions and accelerate development. In addition to business experience, the advisory board means fast development in all important areas, especially due to the enormous network.

The members of the Roamlike Advisory Board

Stefan Strauss, CEO Strauss Media , already supports Roamlike for some time. Stefan is a well-connected media expert in North Rhine-Westphalia and teaches alongside the management of his agency online marketing at the IHK Cologne. He provides business partners in the area of ​​branded goods manufacturers and supports Roamlike in the financing process.

With Sven Wollner, Managing Partner + Director of next at Group [M] Roamlike can access many decision-making contacts in the advertising industry and massively expand its own network. In addition, Sven’s Roamlike gets timely updates on relevant information and innovations in the advertising market.

Janine Liu, Managing Partner Product, Technology & amp; Programmatic at MediaCom, also comes from the Group [M] network. Janine is very experienced in technology, tracking and data and well connected. At MediaCom, she leads the Digihub department, which provides consulting and implementation of customer solutions in the areas of data, technology, programmatic and e-commerce. In earlier positions, Janine worked for tech companies, such as Ebiquity, making her an excellent point of contact for Roamlike technical product development.

Strategic support is provided by Roamlike Matthias Höppner . Matthias was Managing Partner Strategy of the Strategy Unit at MediaCom. He understands messages optimally to target groups and gives important impulses in the strategic direction.

Through MediaCom , Roamlike receives further support from Janett Zschunke , Managing Partner Media Consulting. Janett’s leadership position at MediaCom, one of the leading European media agencies, introduces Roamlike to a multitude of clients. These include corporations such as IKEA or Bose. Janett has years of experience and worked on different client budgets. She can support Roamlike in direct customer contact and in the development of individual concepts.

Benjamin Menzel completes the advisory board as Managing Partner of [m] -Studio, the creative unit of MediaCom, as the last member.
Benjamin develops individual overall concepts with creative special implementations, such as social media measures or live events, for a wide variety of customers from the GroupM network. Here he can proactively suggest Roamlike as a suitable measure and incorporate it into the overall concept.

The majority of the advisory board comes from the GroupM Network. Through the close connection between GroupM and Roamlike, Roamlike can offer its customers even more services by selling their customers a full-service offering, including GroupM services.