Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How does Plaze work?

Plaze is simple: Once you have registered and added your Airbnb listing, matching products appear in your Plaze dashboard.

How do I register?

Registration is done in three easy steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your login details such as name, e-mail address and set your password.
  3. Add your Airbnb vacation rental url so that you can see exciting products.
How much does it cost to use Plaze?

The use of Plaze is free of charge.

Why does Plaze offer me articles for free / at reduced rates?

Plaze cooperates with various brands who would like to promote their products.

If you place these products in your vacation rentals for your guests, your guests have the opportunity to experience exciting products without pressure.

In this way, brands can reach audiences in a new and enjoyable way, leaving a positive brand impression.
Your guests can use the products or just ignore them.

Setup & Discover

How do I find the url for my Airbnb accommodation?

The url is easy to find:

  • Log in to your Airbnb account.
  • Click on Preview to get to your accommodation.
  • Click on the upper right part; Then copy to link.
    The link can then be inserted easily (right-click → paste)
Why do I have to verify my listing?

With the verification you prove that you are a real Airbnb host. This is necessary so that we can offer you great products.

How do I verify my accommodation?
  • At the beginning of your description text on Airbnb add our verification code.
  • Click on Start Testing
  • Finished

Note: You can delete the code from your description text once we have verified your listing.

I manage more than one listing on Airbnb. Can I add all of them?

You can add all your Airbnb Listings on Plaze. Go to My Listings and click Add new

Purchase & Refund

How do products get into my vacation rental?

The process is simple:

  • You discover exciting products in your Plaze Dashboard
  • You click on the product to see more details. Here you will find further information such as the allowed shops for purchase, maximum refund, and recommended ways of placing the product in your vacation rental for your guests.
  • You buy the products und provide them to your guest as described on the product detail page.
Where can I purchase the products?

If there is no information given about allowed shops for purchase on the product detail page, you are free to purchase at your preferred shop.

Please note that the receipt is required to receive refunds on your purchases and that the maximum refund amount is limited.

How much refund can I get?

We check your receipt and refund your expenses up to the allowed maximum refund amount.

How long does it take to be refunded?

As soon as you have submitted your receipt, we check your details and refund your expenses within a few working days. If it takes a little longer, please write us a message.

Which payment method is used for refunds?

You can choose between bank transfer and Paypal.

How many receipts can I submit for refund?

The number of receipts is not limited. Please note, that the amount of products you can refunded for is limited.

If you have 3 bookings and want to place 4 products per booking, you can submit a total of 12 products (3 bookings x 4 products) to Plaze. Thus, all your guests can experience each product once in your vacation rental.
Please note that the amount of refunded product purchases may differ as shown on the product details page.

Do my guests have to do something?

Your guests will be pleased to hear from you about which products are provided by you, but there is nothing to do by your guests.

Products & Plazements

Where do I place the products in my accommodation?

Basically: Use your experience as a host and place the products where you believe your guests will value them the most.

Please note, for certain products placement tips and instructions are provided that can be found on the product detail page of the respective product.

Whats in it for me to place products?

You offer your guests great added value and ensure that your guests feel comfortable at your place, leading to better reviews whilst receiving products for free.

This increases your chances of becoming or maintaining an Airbnb Superhost or Airbnb Plus status.

May I use the products myself?

We offer various products and also provide products for you. Of course, products that remain in the accommodation may also be used by you.

All products can be found on your dashboard and detailed information on the product usage can be found on the product detail page.

When will new products be added to my dashboard?

We offer you new products on a regular basis and are in active contact with a large number of brand partners.

We always look forward to your product suggestions to provide you with an even better Plaze experience. Make a suggestion now!

Friends of mine see other products on their dashboard than me. Why is this the case?

We analyze your listing and offer products based on your housing data.

An example:
For a Berlin café offering vouchers to vacation rentals in Munich makes little sense. Therefore, only Berlin hosts see the offer in their dashboard.

If you have any questions, please write us a message.